Join The Largest Ever Universal Basic Income

March in San Francisco

End Poverty. Economic Justice for All.

Oct 27
Civic Center Plaza
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Be part of the worldwide movement that is demanding basic income as the future of our economy.

Our economy is leaving millions behind. Join the people powered movement to send the message that our society and economy needs to evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

Together in San Francisco and with cities around the globe, we march to champion Universal Basic Income as a means to a healthier, more innovative, and just society.

Get involved. Get inspired. Together, we can make historic change. 


Supporters of UBI

Did you know all these global leaders support basic income?

“The way I describe it is that, because of automation, because of globalization, we’re going to have to examine the social compact, the same way we did early in the 19th century and then again during and after the Great Depression. The notion of a 40-hour workweek, a minimum wage, child labor laws, etc. – those will have to be updated for these new realities. What is indisputable . . . is that as AI gets further incorporated, and the society potentially gets wealthier, the link between production and distribution, how much you work and how much you make, gets further and further attenuated . . . we’ll be debating unconditional free money over the next 10 or 20 years.”

Barack Obama, June 2016

Let’s build a new kind of economy – one that puts people first. If there’s one policy that would transform American lives for the better, it is Universal Basic Income.”

Andrew Yang, Entrepreneur, CEO of Venture For America and Democratic Presidential Candidate, 2019

We should do what the Native Americans have done with their tribes. When your tribe is doing well, we make sure we pay everyone in the tribe."

Whoopi Goldberg, 2019

U.B.I. is the right response to technological unemployment”

Andy Stern, Labor Leader and Author of Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income Can Renew Our Economy and Rebuild the American Dream

I'm now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective -- the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I'm now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective -- the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Basic income isn't the only solution, but it's arguably the best solution because it's the solution that actually does the most.”

Scott Santens, Thought Leader, Writer and Advocate for Basic Income for All


Dr. Gisèle Huff, President of the Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity

Owen Poindexter, Writer and host of the Basic Income Podcast

Pastor Mike McBride, National faith leader Lead Pastor, The Way Christian Center

Ken Fisher - Web.jpg

Ken Fisher, Founder/Chief Creative at Truth Be Told; Creator of the BIG Experience, Founder of Economic Justice Project

Agatha Bacelar, 2020 Candidate for U.S. Congress

Herb Stephens, Co-founder and the Treasurer of Democracy Earth Foundation.

Fund for Humanity.png

Learn More About Basic Income

Basic Income Today.png

Basic Income Today

The Universal Basic Income news hub. BIT is a community and information hub for basic income.


Reddit collection of articles, videos, and various content related to UBI.

Scott Santens

Thought leader, writer and advocate of basic income for all. Editor of Basic Income Today.

Basic Income Earth Network

Founded in 1986, the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) aims to serve as a link between individuals and groups interested in basic income. 

Basic Income Podcast.png

The Basic Income Podcast

Interviews with the biggest names in the Basic Income movement, hosted by Jim Pugh and Owen Poindexter.




12:30 PM - Gather at Civic Center

1:30 PM - Welcome

1:35 PM - Speakers*


1:45 PM - March

3:00 PM - Speakers*

3:40 PM - Closing

*subject to change


Directions to Civic Center Plaza

Our event will be held at the Civic Center Plaza which is centrally located in San Francisco and accessible via the BART and Muni Civic Center/UN Plaza stations. We encourage you to carpool on the day of the event or take a public transit, taxis or Uber/Lyft. Below we also listed several parking garages for your convenience if you drive. Plan to arrive early, travel safe and we'll see you at the March!

Public Transit & Taxis



For BART, exit at Civic Center/UN Plaza Station. All BART lines will stop at this station.
More information on BART: 



For Muni Metro, all Muni underground lines (J, K, L, M, N, T) stop at Civic Center/UN Plaza Station and the F streetcar stops along Market Street, at 7th, 8th and 9th St. Muni typically runs until midnight daily.

The closest Muni bus lines are 5, 5R, 6, 9, 19, 21, 47, 49, and 7.

More information about Muni: 



Yellow Cab Cooperative
Mobile App: SFYellowCab

More information about taxis:



Limited street parking is available around Civic Center. Parking meters are enforced Monday – Saturday. Most meters operate 9am – 6pm. More Information on street parking: 


Performing Arts Garage 
360 Grove St.
(415) 252-8238

Civic Center Plaza Garage 
355 McAllister St.
(415) 863-1537

UC Hastings Parking Garage 
376 Larkin St San Francisco
(415) 355-9618

Trinity Plaza Apartments
1169 Market St. at 8th St.
(415) 621-6562

City Park Archstone Fox Plaza Garage 
1390 Market St
(415) 626-5095


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To learn more about the basic income global movement and march in other cities visit Basic Income March in NYC. 


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